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Miha Murn’s AAMI idea emerges in 2005 in the Murn family home, like every true basement story.

Between 2005 and 2010, AAMI hosts several exhibitions. Primarily AAMI just features works of Miha Murn, but later on the service expands to the promotion of several authors through different projects.

During this period, the activities take place in Ljubljana, Graz, Trieste, Zurich and London.

2008 is the start of mass production with series of digital graphics, paintings and events, dedicated to the promotion of culture and its wider accessibility to the public.

The start of first collaborations with the companies, who are clients of Megagraf Ltd (one of the present AAMI Corporation entities).

In this period, AAMI starts to rent different spaces in order to organize exhibitions for different artists.

From 2009 to 2015, there is an excessive number of collaborations with Rotary clubs, Lions clubs, United Nations, student organizations, high school organizations, collaborations with ZPM Slovenia, social centres, youth parliament, gymnasiums, secondary schools, faculty senates, municipalities, city halls, hotels, restaurants etc.

From 2013 to 2018, AAMI founder Miha Murn issues 5 books about culture, his views on the world and society and similar.

From the end of 2013 to 2015, the era of first presentations of AAMI platform takes place (systematisation of the idea, the search for first members and AAMI partners).

At the beginning of 2014, Miha Murn and his team at the time take over the shop for promotion of young artists called SiTi ART store, which is based in BTC City Ljubljana, and include it in the AAMI story.

At the same time, BTC d.d. company steps in as the general partner and remains the key link for a faster development until this day (credits go to Mr. Jože Mermal, Ms. Helena Petrin and Mr. Damjan Kralj).

In 2014 AAMI officially moves to the Crystal Palace of BTC City Ljubljana, which is the centre of AAMI activities ever since.

The end of 2014: AAMI Platform for filling up empty spaces with cultural content steps into force.

On September 2nd 2015 Institute Atelje Art Murn International is established.

During 2015: the establishment of private business Botticelli club and public cultural Salvador club.

During 2015: the activities of AAMI involve over 10 exhibitions, graphic design seminar, fashion show, photography workshop, 4 business gatherings and over 30 small-scale presentational events of AAMI story.

In 2016: over 20 lectures, more than 30 exhibitions and over 15 business gatherings are organized. This period is also the start of collaborations with foreign embassies.

September 2016: a huge event for the first anniversary of Institute AAMI takes place, featuring an exhibition of more than 50 authors. The event is lead under the honorary patronage of President of the Republic of Slovenia, Mr. Borut Pahor.

By the end of 2016, AAMI already covers 10 galleries.

January 2017: AAMI gains over 6.000 m2 of surface for cultural programs in their partner buildings.

February 2017: the opening of Institute AAMI Prague with a two-month exhibition and cultural program at the Quadrio Centre in central Prague. The manifestation of Bumerang 7 project, where over 35 Czech and Slovenian artists get presented in an exchanged exhibition. Team involves over 20 members by now.

June 2017: the start of plans for the opening of Institute AAMI Hong Kong and a business delegation to HK, set for April 2018.

September 2017: the start of the pioneer story of 1. ART Expo Ljubljana with 146 exhibitors from over 15 countries, over 100 companies and over 70 events, carried out in 14 days. The art village expands over 3.200 m2 in BTC City Ljubljana and the execution of the project along with the promotion of the Expo itself in Slovenia would not be possible without the essential help from BTC d.d. company.

April 2018: opening of Institute AAMI Hong Kong accompanied by a 5 and a half week long delegation (in collaboration with BTC d.d. and Sav Hotel Hong Kong).

Summer of 2018: AAMI joins The India Advantage Summit in Bangalore city and presents AAMI Platform for smart cities all over the world.

During 2018: exhibitions in Milan, Vienna, Ibiza, Hong Kong, Prague, Bangalore and London took place along with the opening of AAMI pop-up gallery in Amsterdam. The start of collaborations and signed contracts with Chinese, Dutch, Czech, English, Italian and other partner companies. The setup of concepts for Drive in Gallery, Rambutan project and cultural newspaper AAMI Times. Over 180 cultural activities in over 15 countries are being executed.

Also in 2018: all AAMI entities start to unite under the brand of the international corporation – AAMI Corporation.

2018: the opening of AAMI foundation, created to help artists and culture along with the establishment of Private Atelje Art Murn International Collection (the private collection of AAMI Corporation president, which buys artworks of emerging and potential artists and consists of over 3.000 artworks up to this day).

By the end of 2018 most of AAMI customers, artists and partners are bound to foreign countries. AAMI team consists of more than 45 members.

2019: the start of project AAMI Shit. AAMI moves to new headquarters. TIA Summit and AAMI exchange their advisors. The company Megagraf Ltd joins in as the entity of AAMI Corporation.

During 2019 several AAMI projects are executed: in Paris, Dubai, Serbia, Romania, Hong Kong, Budapest, Amsterdam and more.

In the course of 14 years, the Miha Murn atelier has expanded from Atelje Art Murn International (when international collaborations from Paris to Washington began) to Institute Atelje Art Murn International and ultimately to AAMI Corporation. During this long and fruitful period, more than 250 different publications on an international level were issued by AAMI.

AAMI is now finishing up the plan Future 2050, which will include all major projects and business strategy of future Institute AAMI cities, such as Moscow and New York. The AAMI Corporation president, Miha Murn, is planning the construction of AAMI City complex and first cultural pillars of the world – AAMI Towers.