About Us

The aim to widely connect the business sphere with arts and culture industry has led to the existence of AAMI Corporation. What started as a vision of the young founder Miha Murn to make art more accessible and to help artists present themselves on the market, has escalated to the development of several companies and brands which are all united under one corporation. 

The international corporation combines various companies and brands: Institute Atelje Art Murn International, company Mega-Graf Ltd., AAMI Foundation, AAMI Times newspaper, private business Botticelli Club, ART Expo Ljubljana, MGM International Business and public cultural Salvador Club. The business group has activities in Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Turkey, Russia, United Arab Emirates, India, China and other countries. 

The corporation is managed by the AAMI Corporation board, led by President. All of the listed entities operate independently as well as together while collaborating with other AAMI Corporation companies and brands. You are welcome to visit all entity pages to learn more details about activities and projects.