Institute AAMI projects


ART Expo Ljubljana is Institute AAMI`s biggest and most demanding project. During the 1st ART Expo Ljubljana in 2017, 142 artists from 15 different countries presented their art. In September 2019, the 2nd ART Expo Ljubljana took place as an upgraded version presenting more than 350 artists from over 30 countries on two locations. More than 80 different events were held as part of the expo. This is why we are proud to announce that at the 3rd ART Expo Ljubljana, we will be presenting art of more than 500 exhibitors from 45 different countries in addition to more than 250 companies involved. We will execute 100 events in only 4 days and the visitors will be able to enjoy themselves at music concerts, theatrical performances, live painting sessions, art talks, fashion shows, lectures, workshops and other events connected to arts and culture.


International project

Linking is the key to success, so we decided to re-link two different industries and we created AnB (Art & Bed) / Hotel Artsperience. This project is an attempt of connecting local tourism and art by promoting Slovenian artists in various luxury hotels in Ljubljana. International guests, hotels and Slovenian exhibitors acquire visibility, added value and happening. We believe we can complement art and blooming Slovenian tourism. Each participating artist exhibits two of their artworks in the hotel spaces such as lobbies, hallways, restaurants or dining rooms, where numerous hotel guests have the occasion of viewing and consequently also purchasing them. 100% income from artwork sales goes to the author as Institute AAMI doesn`t take any provision.

Art Expo

Institute AAMI Ljubljana
ART Expo Ljubljana is Institute AAMI`s biggest and most demanding project. During the 1st ART Expo Ljubljana in 2017, 142 artists from 15 different countries presented their artworks. 2nd ART Expo Ljubljana will definitely be an improved version of the first one as many more aspiring and excellent Slovenian and foreign artists, galleries, companies and also foreign embassies will join in. All creators, who would want to present their work to a wider audience are welcome to join the AAMI ART Expo story and by that to upgrade their ascending artistic career, since we expect around 10.000 visitors in 5 days. Our job is to help you by providing you the best conditions for your self-presentation. From 12th to 16th of September 2019 around 300 domestic and foreign creators will be able to present their talent during an intense arts and culture happening.

ART Shit

Institute AAMI Ljubljana

AAMI SHIT is a controversial new project, implemented by Institute AAMI. Based on one of the main pillars of AAMI mission – to promote arts and culture to the wider public, the idea of the project is to bring art closer to people during their toilet-time. Usually the vast majority of people don`t take the time to enjoy and observe art in their free time – but every person in this world spends a significant amount of their time at the toilet. And that is where we step in by showcasing the amazing works of art by our AAMI artists. By starting up this project, art will reach enormous publicity in BTC City, Ljubljana and definitely make art much more approachable and toilet-time more pleasant for the majority of people. Presenting artworks in A3 format posters will break boundaries of art promotion once again in the direction of Institute AAMI.

Blue Flamingo

Institute AAMI Ljubljana

A business-educational platform emphasizing art, where the client and the participants (company employees) co-create an innovative working environment »out of the box«. The program offers the participants a theoretical base (experts from the business world, professors and scientists), tools and practice (artists). Throughout the program, participants evolve personally and professionally, which consequently brings benefit to the company (client) and the wider society. In this sustainably designed project, we follow the guidelines of environmental, social and economic development.

Drive In Gallery

Institute AAMI Ljubljana

Drive In project is a new and unique way of exhibiting artworks in parking garages, manifested only by Institute AAMI on Slovenian ground. So far, we have started our collaboration with Institute partner company GH Park, which manages one of the biggest parking garages in Slovenia (city of Maribor), where the average visit of costumers is 5.000 a day. In the future, we are expecting to expand this project also to other parking facilities in Slovenia. Artists joining the Drive In project have a chance of presenting their work for 5 years, printed on comatex material in the appropriate size for exhibiting in a facility such as a parking garage. The main goal of this project is to help artists to promote their work to a wider audience and to implement art and culture into people`s everyday lives.