Institute AAMI Services

One of Institute AAMI’s main activities is promoting and representing artists on the art and business market. We offer our clients a chance to make new business acquaintances, present themselves in the media, seize new opportunities and market their best products. By doing so, we are actualising our belief that art can be turned into a profitable business as well. Since we organize activities such as exhibitions and events in several parts of the world, this offers our clients a wide range of choices for their promotion. Besides exhibitions, artists also have the chance of presenting and selling their work as part of AAMI commission sale. Authors from different art branches are all invited to collaborate with us, especially visual and performing artists. We want to present all of the artists at their best and that is why our selection of artists is based on the topic of event and the benefits it brings to both sides.

We offer professional photography services according to customer’s wishes. Institute AAMI collaborates with more than 15 different photographers which are members of our Salvador club, and are providing a top-notch service on all fields of photography, including event photography, studio photography, product photography, portraiture, corporate photography, etc. Our partner in professional studio photography is the company Mega-Graf with more than 25 years of experience.

Graphic design solutions, which we offer include corporate design – logos and branding, editorial design for magazines, newspapers and books, advertising, web design – including web pages setup or improvement of existing pages, communication design, product packaging and signage. We have setup the wholesome visual identity for several artists, including logo, fonts, photography and imagery. 

We offer printing on different formats and materials in collaboration with the Mega-Graf company, which is also an entity of AAMI Corporation. They print smaller material and smaller circulations by themselves (business cards, envelopes, etc.). For printing of larger and more demanding material, they offer the following services, performed by their specialized business partners; digital printing, offset printing, printing on various materials (metal, wood, plastic). Nonparel printing house is a very notable partner of Institute AAMI, with which we collaborate on numerous projects. They offer quality printing of books, monographs, catalogues, promotional material and other matters.

Institute AAMI also provides the service of video production and 3D printing for business partners and artists. We organize the wholesome process from concept formation to realisation and end product. The service of video production is carried out by professionals, who provide customers with custom-made clips, recordings, ads and presentational videos.

One of the main goals of our activities is filling empty or vacant areas with art. That includes spaces such as shops, warehouses, lobbies, hallways and such, which we transform to temporary cultural areas with minimal investment, with the attempt to minimize or discard any bad promotion for the owner of the building. We adapt the concept and the contextual scheme to the current state of the space and do not invest excessively in redesigning it. We primarily organize cultural events such as exhibitions, presentations, lectures, travelogues, workshops, courses, meetings, etc. This way, we acquire the exhibition spaces where we can perform our activities and offer our artists a bigger range of possibilities for their presentation. However, we can also use the space for other events that are not directly linked to culture, for example organizing business meetings, networking events, product presentations and showrooms. 

We provide the service of interior design, including arrangement and assembling of space, complete renovation of interior, decoration and fixture of the place including artwork placement. We also decorate business spaces such as offices, lobbies and hallways with artworks, most commonly paintings, statues or installations. This way, Institute AAMI gains more exhibition space and better opportunities for promoting artists. The renter or the owner gains an artistically decorated space. All of the exhibited artworks are always available for sale. Every artwork comes with a plate with artist`s name, artwork title and price. When we organize exhibitions in business spaces, we always issue a brochure with information about the exhibited art and participating artists.

Large part of our services consists of promotion, appraisals and sales of artworks and antiques. We offer the organization, execution and consulting on the field of art sales. At Institute AAMI, sale of artworks is conducted of commission prepaid sales, meaning, upon paying the organizational fee, the total selling price of the sold artwork belongs to the author. The sale is possible through AAMI exhibitions, events, social media and website exposure, as well as through AAMI commission sale of artworks which are kept at AAMI facilities for a certain amount of time. 

AAMI team is widely experienced in the field of event organization since we have executed more than 400 events so far. We organize events, activities, programmes and campaigns with artistic and cultural themes. Being the organizers of ART Expo Ljubljana, which is one of the biggest international arts and culture events in Slovenia, we have the capacity and know-how for execution of large scale events as well as boutique events for our clients. Since we have a large pool of creators such as visual and performing artists collaborating with AAMI, the events which are carried out by our team are always on the highest level. 

Institute AAMI offers consulting in fields of arts and culture. We offer consulting in the process artwork purchase, collection formation and artwork sales. We also provide our guidance for promotion and artist branding.

The essential purpose of coaching is to represent the artist and his expression as a whole, and to guide him towards his full artistic manifestation. Personal development of the artist in terms of marketing, personal promotion and the end product sales is emerging within the process of learning. 

We organize business meetings, delegations and events in order for businesspeople and entrepreneurs to network, with the purpose of creating new business relationships and opportunities, sharing information and seeking potential partners for business ventures. We also offer connections through our contacts and between public cultural Salvador Club members and private business Botticelli Club members.