ART Expo Ljubljana

About ART Expo Ljubljana

ART Expo Ljubljana is not only an art fair. It is much more than that as Institute AAMI team being the organizer of the event strives very passionately towards building an art community. This art community is getting bigger and stronger by the minute and every two years, the best possible place to manifest our common progress is at the ART Expo Ljubljana event.

This is why we are proud to announce that at the 3rd ART Expo Ljubljana, which will take place from 12th to 15th October 2023, we will be presenting art of more than 500 exhibitors from 45 different countries in addition to more than 250 companies. We will execute around 100 events in only 4 days and the visitors will be able to enjoy themselves at music concerts, theatrical performances, live painting sessions, art talks, fashion shows, lectures, workshops and other events connected to arts and culture. These numerous sub-events will be held at different locations all over the city of Ljubljana with two locations hosting the main programme of the expo. One of the main locations will be BTC City Ljubljana, which is one of the largest shopping, business and leisure centres in Europe. The company BTC d.d. is also the general partner of ART Expo Ljubljana project. The main location of the 3rd ART Expo Ljubljana will be Brdo Congress Centre, a part of Brdo Estate where many state protocol events are being held. 

The specialty of this leading international art project in Slovenia is the fact that exhibitors consist of individual artists, galleries, art societies and associations, art schools and other cultural institutions. This is an important opportunity for young and emerging Slovenian and foreign artists to be involved and presented among international and established artists from all over the world.

The aim of ART Expo Ljubljana is not to limit art, but to offer a possibility of presentation to all those who pass the evaluation of our Commission. Several foreign embassies will also be joining in with art corners featuring their native artists and offering a unique experience for the visitors. With ART Expo Ljubljana event, we define and enlighten the primary goals of AAMI – connecting business with culture, emphasizing the importance of art to the public and helping all artists to establish and present themselves. During the event, numerous fields of art will be presented – all from visual to performing arts such as painting, drawing, sculpturing, photography, printmaking, graphic design, fashion design, ceramics, crafts, music, drama etc.

ART Expo Ljubljana was created with the intent to offer artists media exposure, new contacts and potential business opportunities and we are looking forward to seeing the success of our exhibitors!

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ART Expo History

The 1st ART Expo Ljubljana took place in September 2017 in a slightly different form than the following versions. 142 artists from 15 different countries presented their artworks during a 14-day event, which was set up in an “art village” in BTC City Ljubljana. In September 2019, the 2nd ART Expo Ljubljana took place as an upgraded version, presenting more than 350 artists from over 30 countries on two locations. The main location, where most participating exhibitors (artists, embassies, companies) showcased their artworks and products in individual or joint corners, was held at the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre – more specifically in the “Steklena” hall. The second location of the expo was BTC City Ljubljana, where several individual exhibitions and other performances took place as well. More than 80 different events were held as part of the 2nd ART Expo Ljubljana.