Company Mega-Graf has over 25 years of experience in graphic design and in this period it has gained numerous long-term customers and business partners in various countries. The graphic design services, which they offer are design for small printed matters like business cards, envelopes, letter paper, brochures, flyers, calendars, posters etc., as well as larger printed matters such as books, catalogues, annual reports, magazines, jumbo posters, light boxes etc. Mega-Graf company also offers graphic design for promotional and business gifts.

They design exclusive packages of wholesome corporate graphic image for their customers and therefore provide everything from the company name, concept, slogans, logo, elements of graphic image, company website and product design (packaging, labels, promotional material). 


Until today, company Mega-Graf has gained a number of partner printing houses and companies with which they collaborate. They print smaller material and smaller circulations by themselves (business cards, envelopes, etc.). For printing of larger and more demanding material, they offer the following services, performed by their specialized business partners:

  • digital printing
  • offset printing
  • printing on various materials (metal, wood, plastic etc.)

All of these processes are led by experienced companies, which offer the highest quality of their service at a competitive price. Company Mega-Graf also takes care of the logistics and transport of the printed matters and products at an international level.


Mega-Graf offers the services of studio photography, interior and exterior photography, portrait photography, food and drink photography, and event photography. They also provide photo editing and colour calibration along with other services connected to image processing. As a costumer, you can order a complete package of corporate photos, photos of companies` interior and exterior, photos of company products and promotional photos. 


The Mega-Graf team provides everything from the interior design concept to the setup itself. In collaboration with AAMI Platform, the company offers designer furniture, accessories and artworks. They work with several partner companies which are specialized in interior design. 


Mega-Graf offers supporting services with executing creative solutions. With the professional help of their business partners, they achieve better results in customers marketing section. They also offer other technical processes outside of printing, such as high resolution scanning, repro photography and others. Mega-Graf is specialized in high-tech knowledge in graphics and printing. The knowledge and expertise of these areas comes from the companies` years-long collaboration with global companies such as Crosfield Electronics, Agfa and Dupondt.

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