Salvador club is an integral part of the AAMI platform, which consists of members from very different fields and backgrounds. The members of this club are artists who have been presented and promoted by Institute AAMI in any way, lecturers of the Institute, its volunteers, business partners, advisors, art enthusiasts and all of those who feel close to the idea and the mission of Institute AAMI.

The club is open for new members who wish to contribute to the development and acknowledgment of the importance and key role of arts and culture in our society. One of the main missions of the club is also creating a network which will ensure fruitful collaborations between artists themselves, with other members of the club, as well as with potential customers. In the art industry, it is especially more important to connect and join instead of dividing and this is also the key motto of the club. Currently the Salvador club consists of more than 150 members and the Institute is striving towards a significant expansion in the near future as AAMI continues to grow and evolve, in Slovenia as well as abroad. With Institute`s branches in Ljubljana, Prague, Hong Kong and London, more and more members are joining the Salvador club as well. 

Members of the club are entitled to various benefits such as promotion of their artworks and artist presentations on AAMI social network profiles and websites, participation at exhibitions and events exclusively for club members, discounts in art supply stores, member prices for participating at AAMI projects, and access to closed events and meetings of Salvador club. 


Artist Testimonials

“In all these years since I started creating, I have not been able to avoid the impression that Slovenian art is somewhat isolated, especially visual art. It is very difficult for young and talented visual artists to establish themselves in Slovenia. This is one of the main reasons why I focused on the foreign markets, where a lot more of my works are sold than in my home country. When AAMI team invited me to participate and when I saw a presentation of their projects, I immediately sensed that a fresh new wind of change has come to the Slovenian cultural realm.” 

Jan Rasiewicz - Rasko


“What I admire the most about AAMI is not only their professionalism and dedication but also their energy and enthusiasm towards what they do. AAMI’s fresh concept of creating a community where art and culture merge at the purest level is what makes them unique and different from all the other art corporations in the art scene. Working with AAMI is truly a great experience and I look forward to more to come.”

Sana Maarrawi


“Institute AAMI are people with a passion for work and they are deeply dedicated to the arts and artists. Their personal approach, full of energy and enthusiasm for the ART Expo Ljubljana project, convinced me that it is a great privilege to be part of the Institute and their wider artistic family.”

Jasna Kralj Pavlovec


“About ten years ago, a certain need for creation snug into my life. Since then it has become an integral part of my everyday life and makes me incredibly happy and fulfilled. I often get friends, acquaintances and various people coming by my atelier. They all say I should show my work to the world, so that other people would also see it and enjoy. My attempts so far were only stabs in the dark. I’m not some “famous name”. Then suddenly, I have seen a bright door – AAMI. Thank you for shining light on my work!” 

Sinisa Kulasevic


“A living thing or being must work to avoid decay and disorder. To do that, a living thing or being has to create a system, which can carry information about how to evolve in a quality system. This information must evolve by natural selection… With this explanation of natural mechanization, I wanted to announce, that I feel exactly this natural (life) mechanism in the collaboration with Institute AAMI. Each of us needs support and people who compose AAMI, are truly capable of giving this support. Thank you all!” 

Tao Chi


“I’m very happy and grateful that I joined with Institute AAMI team and that I became a member of the Salvador Club. They are key partners that provide essential help to employees and members of the club to present themselves and their artworks around the world. Together with partners and company`s involvement, we can truly improve wellbeing.” 

Rajko Pozar