AAMI Times is a cultural newspaper which publishes news, articles and interviews from the world of arts and culture. The copies of the newspaper are complimentary and include presentations of creators from several different art fields – painting, sculpting, fashion, poetry, drama, music, film, graphic design and much more. With this newspaper, we share the consciousness about the importance of culture, and inform the public as well as enable artists to present themselves. The first edition of AAMI Times newspaper was issued in 2019 in Slovene language; the following editions will be written in English as our goal is to distribute the newspaper abroad to numerous AAMI business partners such as galleries, museums and other cultural institutions as well as companies.


We “broke the ice” with the first edition and the responses were extremely positive since there is a lack of cultural newspapers on the Slovenian market. We have managed to create an interesting, somewhat amusing but still professional edition, which was distributed in the BTC City Ljubljana area (shopping district), at all Institute AAMI events in Slovenia and to our business partners. The content of the second edition of the newspaper will definitely be interesting and diverse since we will practice the co-creation method with artists and creators. Help and assistance to young and emerging artists is one primary AAMI goals and therefore we invite all of them to join us at AAMI Times project, and help us create the content of this publication. Along with artist presentations, AAMI Times also includes presentations of our business partners, which help towards the realisation of the project. Due to the complexity of the project and other Institute AAMI activities, we have limited the amount of publications to one per year, but we are definitely planning to maximise this amount in the future.


Culture is a sector which is very commonly overlooked and disregarded in Slovenia. Despite that, culture represents one of the moving forces of society and is therefore indispensable. With AAMI Times cultural newspaper, we accomplish many goals, which are the primary guidelines of AAMI`s operation. With presentations, interviews and other articles, we enable creators promotion of their work and talent. Many artists live on the verge of survival and therefore we have decided to present talented creators in the cultural sector free of charge. Since the newspaper will be distributed internationally, we will also help them gain some publicity abroad. Another goal, besides promotion and help for the creators, is the aim to gain consciousness of the public about how important arts and culture are and to educate and inform people while offering them interesting content, which they would rarely encounter in their everyday life. Another plus is the fact that the newspaper is available free of charge and is therefore on disposal to every interested individual.